Short introduction to the problem I'm facing with EDK2: I implemented
'ifconfig' command extension allowing to change interface's MAC
address or reset it to the default value. For that I needed to add a
couple of helper functions in DxeNetLib, which parse input string and
one that calls Snp->StationAddress callback from the NIC driver.

The problem is that the drivers associated to interface device
comprise a copy of SnpMode, not original pointer. It causes an obvious
mismatch, because only the latter got updated with new
Snp->Mode->CurrentAddress. I found out that using 'reconnect' command
after MAC address change from uefi shell helps and the network can
operate properly.

Hence I have a question - is there a way to force reconnecting all
children drivers from the network controller driver level? I.e. it
would be great if it was possible not to be forced to call 'ifconfig'
command and then 'reconnect', but call some function(s) e.g. from
Snp->StationAddress callback.

I would appreciate any help.

Best regards,
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