On 08/09/17 09:34, wang xiaofeng wrote:
> Hello All,
>    I try to debug OVMF with UDT on QEMU in windows.
>    I build OVMF on windows 7 with VS2013 . And also runs it in QEMUWin32.
>    I add   DEFINE SOURCE_DEBUG_ENABLE     = TRUE in ovmf.dsc and build a new 
> bios. From makefile it seems this feature is enabled  for OVMF SecMain
> $(BIN_DIR)\SourceLevelDebugPkg\Library\PeCoffExtraActionLibDebug\PeCoffExtraActionLibDebug\OUTPUT\PeCoffExtraActionLib.lib
>  \
> $(BIN_DIR)\SourceLevelDebugPkg\Library\DebugAgent\SecPeiDebugAgentLib\OUTPUT\SecPeiDebugAgentLib.lib
>  \
>     But how can I link it to the local Windows UDT(which I have tested works 
> for  real hardware bios by serail port )?
>     Another question is why OVMF fdf don;t include DebugAgentPei.inf?
>     Or I have to enable at least 1 or 2 VM for this task?
>     Thanks in advance!

In the past I've tried to set up the UDK debugger between two virtual
machines, using a UNIX domain socket to connect their serial ports. It
didn't work, the debugger protocol kept falling apart. I suspected that
the emulated serial ports didn't follow the timings of physical serial
ports closely enough.

So, I never use SOURCE_DEBUG_ENABLE, but I think others on the list may
have gotten it to work? Mike perhaps?

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