Hi Steven,

On 08/11/17 07:28, Shi, Steven wrote:
> Hi Laszlo,
> I'm trying to reproduce your boot failure with OVMF in my Ubuntu
> system, but not succeed.  My GCC was built from GCC main trunk code
> in 20170601, and my ld linker is version 2.28. Could you try the ld
> 2.28 with your gcc-7.1 and check whether it works in your side?  Or,
> do you know where can I download the gcc-7.1 pre-built binaries?
This was reproduced on a stock Fedora 26 installation:


> jshi19@jshi19-desktop:~/wksp_efi/Laszlo/edk2$ build -p OvmfPkg/OvmfPkgX64.dsc 
> jshi19@jshi19-desktop:~/wksp_efi/Laszlo/edk2$ build -p 
> OvmfPkg/OvmfPkgIa32X64.dsc -t GCC5 -DSECURE_BOOT_ENABLE=TRUE -a IA32 -a X64 

These build commands look good.

> jshi19@jshi19-desktop:~/wksp_efi/Laszlo/edk2/Build/OvmfX64/DEBUG_GCC5/FV$ 
> qemu-system-x86_64  -bios OVMF.fd -serial file:serial.log -m 512 -hda fat:. 
> -monitor stdio --enable-kvm
> jshi19@jshi19-desktop:~/wksp_efi/Laszlo/edk2/Build/Ovmf3264/DEBUG_GCC5/FV$ 
> qemu-system-x86_64  -bios OVMF.fd -serial file:serial.log -m 512 -hda fat:. 
> -monitor stdio --enable-kvm

The QEMU command lines are missing two options:

* First, you have to make sure that the VM has enough memory under 4GB
so that the PEI RAM can grow above the 2GB limit. You are using the
i440fx board type, so that's OK (its 32-bit memory can go up to 3GB),
but the "-m" switch is too small. Instead, I recommend:

  -m 5120

This will give the VM 5GB of RAM, 3GB of which will be placed under the
4GB mark, and 2GB will be placed above.

* Second, there must be at least one AP (application processor) for
CpuMpPei to boot up. So please add something like:

  -smp 4

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