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Subject: MinPlatformPkg/PlatformInit: FV code

Dear developers, dear Jiewen,

I have been investigating the devel-MinPlatform branch of edk2-platforms for 
educational purposes and got two questions regarding the Firmware Volume code 
in PlatformInitPreMem, if you do not mind. I assume the tree was tested, so 
most likely I misunderstood some things.

  1.  Why is a Firmware Volume HOB built to cover the entire flash range 
 Am I correct that this implies a FV spanning through the entire flash MMIO 
range, which would then imply all other FVs are contained within it? This would 
make sense, however that's not what I saw in the KabylakeOpenBoardPkg Flash 
Map, which has the NV Storage first 

[Jiewen] You are right. We should not use FD region for FV. Will fix it.

  1.  Why are FV Info PPIs installed for the UefiBoot and the OsBoot FVs 
 If I checked correctly, installing this PPI type will trigger PeiCore to 
dispatch PEIMs in the FVs, however there are only DXE drivers in these. Why are 
no FV HOBs installed, which are gotten by DxeCore?

[Jiewen] In DxeIpl, PeiServicesFfsFindNextVolume() is used to search DxeCore.
In PeiCore, PeiFfsFindNextVolume() calls FindNextCoreFvHandle() for DxeCore one 
by one. If PcdFrameworkCompatibilitySupport is FALSE, it returns 
&Private->Fv[Instance] directly.

And Fv[Instance] is added in FirmwareVolmeInfoPpiNotifyCallback(), when 
gEfiPeiFirmwareVolumeInfo2PpiGuid is installed.

So if PcdFrameworkCompatibilitySupport is FALSE, install PPI is the only way to 
let PEI core discover DxeCore.
Only if PcdFrameworkCompatibilitySupport is TRUE, install PPI is not required, 
but the FindNextCoreFvHandle() will install the PPI for the HobFv. The result 
is same.

Thank you
Yao Jiewen

Thanks in advance for your time!

Best regards,
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