I generally recommend NT32 when developing UEFI applications that don't have 
dependencies for any specific hardware design/architecture, and only rely on 
UEFI Boot Services.

OVMF is running on virtualized hardware, so it's better for the following 
* Testing boot to an operating system and/or UEFI Runtime services (supports 
call to Exit Boot Services)
* Testing applications that have a dependency on a specific hardware 

OVMF is also better for EDK II development under Linux, since NT32 only 
executes under Microsoft Windows environments.

Thanks ... br
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EDK2 community,

                When developing/testing UEFI and you can easily choose between 
using OVMF and Nt32, which do you choose and why?  When is OVMF better/easier 
to use than Nt32 and vice versa?

                I ask because I am giving an internal presentation to our newer 
employees.  I've used one over the other for personal reasons, but I'd like to 
hear your thoughts and learn something new.


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