Hi Hristo,

On 02/13/18 16:44, Hristo Mihaylov wrote:
> Hello,
> I just hit this and it told me to send you the stack trace. I think it's
> due to the fact that I created an empty FDF file.
> ```
> hrimih@lnxclnt2002:~/work/edk2.git$ build clean && build && cp
> Build/Hvmf/DEBUG_GCC5/X64/HelloWorld.efi ~/work/ovmf/hda-contents


> Active Platform          = /home/hrimih/work/edk2.git/HvmfPkg/HvmfPkg.dsc
> Flash Image Definition   = /home/hrimih/work/edk2.git/HvmfPkg/HvmfPkg.fdf

If you only want to build EFI binaries in your platform DSC file, then
you don't need an FDF file. Simply remove the FLASH_DEFINITION entry
from the [Defines] section of the DSC file.

edk2 contains several DSC files that only build EFI binaries, and no
flash images; for example:
- AppPkg/AppPkg.dsc
- ShellPkg/ShellPkg.dsc

If you want to build only one EFI file (regardless of whether you have a
FLASH_DEFINITION setting in your DSC file, or not), then you can pass the


option to the "build" utility. Then "build" will only build "Module.inf".

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