On 02/22/18 07:54, Heyi Guo wrote:
> v2:
> Changs are made according to the discussion on the mailing list, including:
> 1. PciRootBridgeIo->Configuration should return CPU view address, as well as
> PciIo->GetBarAttributes, and Translation Offset should be equal to PCI view
> address - CPU view address.

> 3. PciHostBridge driver internally used Base Address is still based on PCI 
> view
> address, and translation offset = CPU view - PCI view, which follows the
> definition in ACPI, and not the same as that in UEFI spec.

I find these opposite interpretations incredibly confusing. My review
for v2 1/2, point (1) namely, is likely wrong because of this.

This information absolutely needs to go into the commit message of patch
#1, and also into the code as comments.

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