On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 11:56:22AM +0100, Laszlo Ersek wrote:
> Sorry, I don't understand how this follows. Again: why is it only a
> temporary solution to implement a PlatformBootManagerLib instance for HiKey?
> The library class says "Platform" in the name. Platforms are supposed to
> provide it, one way or another.

This is probably triggered by me. I have been pushing people to stay
away from duplicating the generic PlatformBootManagerLib unless they
really need to.

> If you want to minimize code duplication between ArmPkg and HiKey, it
> should be possible to factor out another library class from ArmPkg's
> PlatformBootManagerLib instance. It could be a function that returns the
> list of platform-specific boot options -- as an array of
> EFI_BOOT_MANAGER_LOAD_OPTION elements -- that should always exist. Then
> ArmPkg's PlatformBootManagerLib would perform the iteration that I
> described above.

This sounds like an excellent idea.

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