I recently added the gcc-8 specific "-Wno-stringop-truncation" and
"-Wno-restrict" options to BUILD_CFLAGS, both for "Darwin" (XCODE5 /
clang, OSX) and otherwise (gcc, Linux / Cygwin).

I also regression-tested the change with gcc-4.8 on Linux -- gcc-4.8 does
not know either of the (gcc-8 specific) "-Wno-stringop-truncation" and
"-Wno-restrict" options, yet the build completed fine (by GCC design).

Regarding OSX, my expectation was that

- XCODE5 / clang would either recognize these warnings options (because
  clang does recognize most -W options of gcc),

- or, similarly to gcc, clang would simply ignore the "-Wno-xxx" flags
  that it didn't recognize.

Neither is the case; the new flags have broken the BaseTools build on OSX.
Revert them (for OSX only).

Cc: Liming Gao <liming....@intel.com>
Cc: Yonghong Zhu <yonghong....@intel.com>
Reported-by: Liming Gao <liming....@intel.com>
Fixes: 1d212a83df0eaf32a6f5d4159beb2d77832e0231
Fixes: 9222154ae7b3eef75ae88cdb56158256227cb929
Contributed-under: TianoCore Contribution Agreement 1.1
Signed-off-by: Laszlo Ersek <ler...@redhat.com>
 BaseTools/Source/C/Makefiles/header.makefile | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/BaseTools/Source/C/Makefiles/header.makefile 
index 065a998bf5de..db436773cf40 100644
--- a/BaseTools/Source/C/Makefiles/header.makefile
+++ b/BaseTools/Source/C/Makefiles/header.makefile
@@ -71,7 +71,7 @@ INCLUDE = $(TOOL_INCLUDE) -I $(MAKEROOT) -I 
$(MAKEROOT)/Include/Common -I $(MAKE
 ifeq ($(DARWIN),Darwin)
 # assume clang or clang compatible flags on OS X
-BUILD_CFLAGS = -MD -fshort-wchar -fno-strict-aliasing -Wall -Werror 
-Wno-deprecated-declarations -Wno-stringop-truncation -Wno-restrict 
-Wno-self-assign -Wno-unused-result -nostdlib -c -g
+BUILD_CFLAGS = -MD -fshort-wchar -fno-strict-aliasing -Wall -Werror 
-Wno-deprecated-declarations -Wno-self-assign -Wno-unused-result -nostdlib -c -g
 BUILD_CFLAGS = -MD -fshort-wchar -fno-strict-aliasing -Wall -Werror 
-Wno-deprecated-declarations -Wno-stringop-truncation -Wno-restrict 
-Wno-unused-result -nostdlib -c -g

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