After further evaluation on use of NASM with macho
there are a couple issues that need to be resolved
before the .asm and .S files can be removed from
all components.

The details are at:

NASM issues to be resolved are:

The recommendation is to not switch to NASM only
for libraries until the dead code stripping feature
works as expected on macho.

We can consider moving to NASM only for NASM files
in a module if there are no NASM functions that would
be dead stripped.  The recommendation for these types
of NASM files is do not use the following pragma
until the NASM issues above are resolved.

  %pragma macho subsections_via_symbols

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> files in EDK2
> Edk2 has used nasm assembly file for all tool chains.
> So, IA32 and X64 .asm and .S assembly files can be
> removed if their nasm files are ready. It can save the
> maintain effort and avoid the confuse.
> If you have any comments on this change, please let me
> know.
> Thanks
> Liming
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