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Subject: Re: [edk2] GenFds issue with multiple paths in PACKAGES_PATH

On 4 April 2018 at 19:00, jbrasen.qdt
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> Hello,
>   I am trying to update my build software to the current edk2-platforms 
> layout and am running into some issues with the final part of the build.
>  It seems that the output is being generated under 
> edk2/Build/Qdfxxxx_RBL/DEBUG_CLANG35/AARCH64/edk2-QDT-platforms-restricted/Silicon/QualcommDatacenter
>   But GenFds is looking under
> edk2/Build/Qdfxxxx_RBL/DEBUG_CLANG35/AARCH64/Silicon/QualcommDatacente
> r
> edk2-QDT-platforms-restricted is a path under PACKAGES_PATH
> I do have another directory that has build output from 
> Silicon/QualcommDatacenter with some libraries
> Any ideas?

None of the references in your .dsc or .fdf files should include the 
edk2-QDT-platforms-restricted prefix, can you check that?
[JB] Correct, they all start with Silicon
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