As you have found out, Nt32Pkg is for Windows and shouldn't be built on Linux.
You can specify the platform descriptor file to build via the "-p <PathToDsc>" 


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> Betreff: [edk2] TianoCore UEFI Development Kit build: how to cause the
> build process to correctly recognize the build platform (Linux)?
> Dear members,
> I'm trying to build *UDK2018* on *Ubuntu 17*. After studying the
> documentation, I had impressed that the platform setup script
> (*sedksetup.sh*) shall configure the build framework to target the correct
> build platform, the tool chain etc. Unfortunately this is not what actually
> happens.
> The platform build process (the Build base tool) unexpectedly tries to build
> some *MS Windows* oriented stuff and fails. How this can be fixed?
> Following the documented recommendations, at the first stage I build the
> "Base Tools":
> |/make all -C ${EDK_TOOLS_PATH}/|
> Then I run the setup script:
> |/edksetup.sh BaseTools/|
> This stages are finished with success, also the setup script runs some tests
> that successfully pass.
> On the next stage I'm trying to build the platform:
> |build all -a X64 -t GCC5|
> This last stage fails with the follow error:
> Nt32Pkg/Include/WinNtPeim.h:27:10: fatal error: Common/WinNtInclude.h:
> No such file or directory
> Regards,
> Aleksey
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