> >> - What happens if you locate the parent handle (with the VenHw node)
> >> and/or the child handle (with the GOP on it), and try to disconnect them?
> > 
> > How can I do that?
> Run "dh -d -v -p GraphicsOutput". The listing will include all handles
> (represented by hex identifiers) that carry a GOP. Each handle will also
> have its device path protocol instance displayed, in textual
> representation, so if there are multiple GOPs, you'll be able to locate
> the one produced by QemuRamfbDxe. The listing should also reference the
> parent controller handle.
> Knowing the hex identifiers for parent and child, experiment with the
> "disconnect" command. (See "help disconnect" for syntax.)

Shell> dh -p GraphicsOutput
Handle dump by protocol 'GraphicsOutput'
44: ConsoleOut SimpleTextOut GraphicsOutput(GraphicsOutput) 
6D: GraphicsOutput(GraphicsOutput) SimpleTextOut 
Shell> disconnect 6d
Disconnect - (6D,3E643560,3E5C3A03) Result Success.
Shell> disconnect 44
Disconnect - (44,3E643560,3E5C3A03) Result Success.

The second disconnect makes ovmf stop using ramfb as console (serial continues
to work).


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