Hey Laszlo,

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On 13.06.2018 21:21, Laszlo Ersek wrote:
> On 06/13/18 15:45, Philipp Deppenwiese wrote:
>> Hey Laszlo,
>> We are using VirtualBox as virtualization solution and
>> don't load guest drivers. But we had the same issue with
>> the current Qemu version as well.
>> Can you try to test your setup with the latest Windows 10 LTSB ?
>> That would help us to understand if that's a general EDK2
>> issue or just our problem.
> My testing yesterday was supposed to cover the "latest in Windows 10
> LTSB" -- I had indeed installed the OS earlier from a Windows 10
> Enterprise N 2015 LTSB ISO, but yesterday that long-term guest of mine
> pulled down all pending updates.
> Is that not what you mean? Can you give me an ISO filename and a SHA1
> checksum then? I could try looking it up in MSDN. (It's not guaranteed
> that my subscription will allow me access to it though.)
> Thanks
> Laszlo

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