Hi folks,

The function Tcg2PhysicalPresenceLibProcessRequest in DxeTcg2PhysicalPresenceLib
requires to be invoked after console is ready, and in the function it will call
VariableLockProtocol->RequestToLock(), while variable RequestToLock() requires
to be called before "End Of Dxe" event, or else it will return ACCESS_DENIED. 

However, in PI spec 1.6, section "End of DXE Event", it says "Prior to
connecting consoles, the platform should signal the event 'End of DXE'". So
there seems to be contradiction between these implementations and PI spec.

If we follow below work flow:
End of DXE -> connect console -> Tcg2PhysicalPresenceLibProcessRequest() ->
Variable RequestToLock() -> we will get ACCESS_DENIED.

Please advise,


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