On 2019-01-07 20:27, Laszlo Ersek wrote:
On 01/04/19 15:02, Karin Willers wrote:

I'm trying to get networking under edk2 up and running. I tried
under OVMF. The raw packet is sent out on the network, but the
application never returns from the
socket close routine.

I'm currently using UDK2017 with the latest security patches (downloaded
December 18 2018). The network
driver under OVMF is the e1000 driver.

The effect that the socket close never returns is also visible when
running RawIp4Tx on real hardware,
so I think the behavior has nothing to do with OVMF or the UEFI itself.

Does anyone see similar effects? Any hints on setting up networking
under edk2 correctly?

The socket (= libc-level networking) APIs are not the most robust ones
in edk2, in my -- admittedly limited -- experience. I'd suggest using
applications and shell commands that use UEFI protocols instead, for
networking. (I understand that could be a challenge if you are porting a
standard C program to UEFI.)


The reason for this undertaking initially was to compile a Python.efi that supports sockets. We wanted that to be able to run the Chipsec suite with
external network test partners under UEFI. The Chipsec guys do provide
pre-compiled Pyhon executables, but these do not include the network stack.

I think, I have to debug the issue myself ...

Greetings,  Karin
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