On 01/10/19 07:03, karunakarpoosapa...@dell.com wrote:
> Hi All,
> I agree with providing the support like "FixedAtBuild PCD in INF". And we 
> need to modify or provide support in BaseTools to support this feature.
> There are more use cases or flexibility to developer if we support 
> Conditional compilation support in INF.
> As we're providing support in BaseTools for FixedAtBuild PCD support in INF, 
> Is there any challenges or drawbacks in  providing conditional compilation 
> support in INF?  

This is not for me to say authoritatively, but I'm unaware of any
specific use case that cannot be solved without this feature addition,
and any further complexity to BaseTools should be strongly justified.
"More convenient" is too vague for me, and the BaseTools code is already
hard to read and debug.

That's just my opinion, again.

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