On 11/14/18 19:34, stephano wrote:
> We are currently researching several different options to help make
> contributing to TianoCore easier for the community. A big part of this
> effort will be enabling pull requests and allowing for a more
> customizable code review process.
> I am looking for members of the community willing to answer a few
> questions about these solutions to allow us to evaluate our options
> quickly. The options are:
> System/Tool        Investigator
> Phabricator        Rebecca Cran (thank you again :) )
> Github            ???
> Gerrit            ???
> Gitlab            ???
> I have a list of questions that I can send out to each investigator.
> Assuming you are familiar with the software/system, these questions
> should be answerable with a couple hours of research, writing, and
> screenshots / examples.

I'm not making a real proposal for "sr.ht" at this time, just raising it
as one collaboration software ("forge") that seems to get its goals
exactly right (in my opinion anyway):


It is admittedly alpha at this point, hence likely unsuitable for
production use. If it were a mature project, it would be extremely
attractive to me. I hope I can keep an eye on it over time.

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