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Charles Payne Winsor (It might be "Paine".)

He died in the early 50's. There was a biography
in the American Statistician, I think.

Rich Ulrich wrote:
> ("Could anyone suggest references for me ...?"  would be a gentler way
> to request assistance....)   It is George P. Winsor.  He drove an
> ambulance in WW I.

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I vote for "Charles" as first name.  He joined the Iowa State
Statistical Laboratory in 1939.  In the 1940 Bulletin he is the only
person on the staff with a Ph.D.!  I have heard gossip that he was
brilliant, lazy and died young.  _Statistics: An Appraisal_, David and
David, Iowa State U. Press, 1984 has a picture of Winsor with Cochran,
Cox and Snedecor, some information on statistics at ISU in those
years, and references to other sources, none just on Winsor, yet
possibly useful.

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