>My sister forwarded to me some discussion on a school alumni site she came
>across about a teacher she knows I loved

Haphazardly just now re-establishing contact with the folks who shared the
experience of Mr. B and who still recognize that experience as seminal over
40 years later - considering the extent to which that experience has
influenced the thinking that I "share" here - is, well, pinky fingerish.

Incredible that Mr. B is alive and active - he seemed quite the adult then,
over 40 years ago. I had seen him once since leaving the home town nest -
but that last re-union was itself some 20 years ago.

Based on what my sister sent me I contacted Hal. Hal was by closest friend
during this period.  I know he had gone on to found an insurance company and
serves as its Chairmen.  Having recalled that when we were 12 we had decided
that we were going to be business partners when we grew up (and came up with
a name for our company), I wrote him reminding him we had shaken hands as
partners - and asked him for an accounting. I hope he knows what ;) means.




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