Greeting edu-sig subscribers --

News from PDX (Portland) is:

* I've been taking R-Pi around town, showing
off this nifty "Py machine", great intro to bash
shell world

* Hedron, local Maker Space, exhibitor
at Maker Faire, 3D prints polyhedrons our
math teachers need...

* ...Python already has the computing culture
to make itself known through Jupyter Notebooks
etc., yay

* I'm back to teaching night school next week,
Python 3.x in five weeks (40 hours).

If you visit Portland:

Python User Group meets c/o @UrbanAirship in
Meir & Frank building on SW Everett.  The group
is well-organized and active.

PDX Code Guild, Flying Circus, is every Monday
(almost) and happens in a Python-based code
school but features talks more all over the map.
2626 SW Corbett.

Calagator is our most used geek events resource:

Also, Mercury just put out a helpful newcomers guide:

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