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On 21/02/18 18:46, Otavio Silva wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am starting a group of Fathers and Mothers who want to teach their
> kids code, we decided to start wit python. None of us is a professional
> in coding, so we think we will need a lot of help...
> I have two question for the begining:
> 1- Could anyone suggest some literature that we (the fathers) could
> begin with?

Look at the educational resources of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
(http://raspberrypi.org/) especially their "code club" resources which
are designed to be used in club like situations where the person leading
the learning may not be a teacher. I also happen to know they're
translating their resources into languages other than English and so may
be up for some help trying localised educational resources. If this is
of interest, drop me a line and I can introduce you to the right people
to talk to.

> 2- Is here anyone from Brazil or any portuguese speaking country?

Oh boy, the Brazilian Python community is famous for its friendliness,
energy and ability to get stuff organised. I'll follow up this email
(sent to the mailing list) with a private one to just you to introduce
you to a Brazilian buddy who, if not able to help you directly, will
certainly be able to point to you people in Brazil who can.

If you were to run such a club, and were to make the resources you use
freely available, perhaps you should ask the Python Software Foundation
(http://python.org/psf) for a grant to help cover any costs you may incur.

I hope you find it useful and best of luck with your endeavours.


> Thanks a lot!
> Otavio
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