*Well-being and affective states*
A two-day international workshop

Université Clermont Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand
14-15 November 2019

*Call for papers :*
Although the philosophy of emotions and the philosophy of well-being have
both undergone major developments in recent decades, they have rarely been
addressed together. This is surprising, since affective states are closely
linked with well-being and happiness. For example, having positive emotions
or being in a good mood may be necessary for well-being. But what are the
exact relations between these states ? In order to answer this question,
this workshop aims to examine the following issues :
- What is the nature of affective states such as emotions, moods and
desires, and do they constitute a specific type of epistemic access to our
well-being ?
- Are affective states discrete causes or constituents of well-being ?
- How do we distinguish between happiness and well-being ? Is it possible
to draw the distinction by appealing to affective states only or do we have
to appeal to other psychological states as well ?
- Can we measure well-being by focusing on affective states ? Are there
better measures, independent of affective states ?

*Confirmed Speakers :*
- Daniel Haybron
- Antti Kauppinen
- Christine Tappolet & Mauro Rossi

*Organising committee :* Julien Deonna (University of Geneva), Stéphane
Lemaire (University of Rennes), Samuel Lepine (UCA), & Fabrice Teroni
(University of Geneva)

*Call for papers* We invite submissions for presentations (35 min talk + 15
min Q&A) from PhD students or Post-docs for this two-day international
workshop in Clermont-Ferrand. Two slots are available, and we may have
funding to cover partly the costs of the travel (approximately 200 euros),
but it is not secured right now.

*Please send an abstract of 500 to 1000 words, along with a CV, to this
address : samuel.lep...@gmail.com <samuel.lep...@gmail.com>*

*Deadline : *June 31th

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