Registrations are invited for the Santa Maria-Grenoble Memory Workshop, to
be held on 23-24 August 2019 in Santa Maria.


Aug. 23

1.30pm – Welcome

2.00pm – Kourken Michaelian – What's Next for the Simulation Theory of
Episodic Memory?

3.00pm – Danilo Fraga Dantas – Past Not-So-Perfect: What False Memories
Teach Us about Mental Time Travel

4.00pm – Eduardo Vicentini de Medeiros – Undoing One’s Past

5.00pm – break

5.30pm – Fabrício Diniz Dutra – Memory Reconsolidation and the Dynamic
Nature of Mnemonic Trace

6.30pm – André Sant’Anna – Episodic Memory as a Representational State

Aug. 24

9.00am – Poster session

9.30am – Ramanzini et al. - Memory impairment following electroconvulsive
therapy: A short review

10.15am – Glaupy Fontana Ribas – Approaching Mnemic Causation: Levels of
Ontology and the Causation Involved in Mechanisms

1.00pm – César Schirmer dos Santos – Temporal Decentering, Episodic Memory
and Mental Time Travel

2.00pm – Giovanni Rolla – Radical Enactivism and Self-Knowledge

3.00pm – Jociane de Carvalho Myskiw – Neurobiological Mechanisms of Memory
Formation and Maintenance

Organizers: César Schirmer dos Santos, Kourken Michaelian, and Fabrício
Diniz Dutra.

The workshop, the parallel poster session and the coffee break will be held
at the room 2323 of the building 74A (3rd floor) of Universidade Federal de
Santa Maria.

For abstracts and further information, see:

Registration is free. To attend and receive a certificate as a participant,
please fill out the registration form here:

Kourken Michaelian

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