I am glad to announce
the 1st World Congress of the Brazilian Academy of Philosophy
in Honour of Newton da Costa's 90th Birthday
The event will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 8-13, 2019
Everybody is welcome to join us for a major philosophical event in one of
the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world
Jean-Yves Beziau
President of the  Brazilian Academy of Philosophy
"Arriving in Rio, I received one of the most powerful impressions of my
whole life. I was fascinated, and at the same time deeply moved. For what
lay before me here was not merely one of the most magnificent landscapes in
the world, a unique combination of sea and mountain, city and tropical
scenery but quite a new kind of civilization. There were colour and
movement which fascinated and never tired the eye; and wherever one looked
there was a pleasant surprise. I was overwhelmed by a rush of joy and
Brazil's importance for the coming generations cannot be assessed even by
the most daring calculations. I knew I had looked into the future of our
Extracts  from " Brazil Land of the Future"  by Stefan Zweig

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