Dear Collab members,

As you know, we're engaged in having a meaningful conversation on what the
Collab membership means, and how the Collab should evolve to best serve the
needs of the Wikimedia movement, and more specifically its Education

In order to understand what our perceptions are regarding the Collab, we've
opened the discussion on wiki, and have got answers from a couple of the
Collab members. As you can imagine, this is far from a significant sample,
and therefore we request once again that your share your thoughts (at the
very least in the form of supporting other members' opinions).

The place for that conversation is here:

This on-wiki conversation will take the place in lieu of the December
online meeting.

The contributions so far seem to be focusing on "open membership", which is
of course very Wikipedian. :) At the same time, it would seem that we could
deepen the conversation around what "being an active member" means. Do you
have ideas for criteria that we could use (as self-assessment or to have
open discussions about "being active")?

By January, we would like to summarize the conversation and reach a
conclusion on the new definition/criteria for membership. This conversation
is not exclusive to the Collab members, as we are inviting Affiliates and
people that are applying to become members of the Collab to also share
their views (and this is a wiki!).

I hope December will be a great month for everyone!


Vahid Masrour
Community Capacity Manager, Wikipedia Education Program
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