In case you want to give a shot at trying Eucalyptus and haven't seen
Braden's announcement (cf below) -- the instances of Open edX hosted on
OpenCraft.Hosting[1] have all been upgraded last week. So if you want to
give Eucalyptus a try, you can just visit your instance there if you
have one, or apply for the betatest to get one.

So far the upgrade seem to have gone well, with very few issues reported
- kudos to Ned and everyone involved in the release for the level of
polish! (And if you notice anything wrong with your instance since the
upgrade, don't hesitate to reach out.)


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From: Braden MacDonald <bra...@opencraft.com>
Subject: Announcing Eucalyptus Upgrade for OpenCraft.Hosting beta 🐨
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2016 19:20:43 +0000

Announcing the upgrade of all OpenCraft.Hosting beta instances to the
latest release of Open edX. View this email in your browser[3]

The latest Open edX release is here!
edX recently announced[4] the release of the latest and greatest version
of Open edX, called Eucalyptus. The Eucalyptus release has a lot of
great improvements, including many that were developed by OpenCraft. One
of our contributions is greatly expanded support for hosting Open edX on
OpenStack, the open infrastructure platform that we use for

 Our team at OpenCraft has been working hard to update all of our
 infrastructure to optimally support this new release, and we are
 pleased to announce that all of our OpenCraft.Hosting beta test Open
 edX instances have now been upgraded to the Eucalyptus release.

 If you are one of our beta testers, we invite you to login to your
 instance and explore the new features[5], such as self-paced courses,
 improved course navigation, and subsection prerequisites.

 As always, we love to hear from our beta testers. How do you like the
 Eucalyptus improvements? Have you run into any issues? What features
 would you like us to add to our hosting service? How is the site
 performance? You can let us know by simply replying to this email, or
 any email from us.

 Braden MacDonald CTO, OpenCraft



  1. http://opencraft.hosting
  2. http://opencraft.com/

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