Hi Erik, I'm a newbie myself.

You can use the studio to create courses. If you run your own edx site, 
there should be a studio you can use to create courses, I think it's 

If you create courses in the studio.edge.edx.org site, you can export the 
course out as a gzip tarball. Then you just login to your local edx server 
as the admini and import the course.

There's a lot of documentation to read through.


On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at 2:00:48 PM UTC-4, Erik Van de Water wrote:
> I may have some confusion about some basics of how self-managed edX 
> installations work.  The documentation hasn't solved the problem.
> First, I suppose, is where I create courses.  Do I create courses on my 
> installation or using the studio provided by studio.edge.edx.org?
> If I create it locally, how do I create a course?  When I created a 
> superuser, it still appeared as a student (the dashboard did not provide an 
> option to create a course, only take the default course).
> If instead I create it in the studio provided at studio.edge.edx.org, how 
> do I host it on my own server?
> Thank you for the help!

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