Eucalyptus 2 release if that is relevant.

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 9:33:42 AM UTC-4, Erik Van de Water wrote:
> I am trying to make multiple courses with highly similar but not quite the 
> same content in each of them - each course is specialized to a specific 
> audience. I have 3 audiences: account managers, accountants, and sales 
> people, and each needs to share about 80% of core content, with about 20% 
> being specific to the audience.
> However, I don't want to do a bunch of rework to create these slightly 
> different courses (i.e. have to create each course manually as if it is 
> completely new as opposed to sharing the core content with the other 
> courses).
> What I have looked into:
>    - Libraries - Seems to be only for randomized content/questions
>    - Cohorts - Does not seem to provide distinction between different 
>    groups other than in discussions, automatic assignment seems arbitrary
>    - Putting all content in one course and having students skip sections 
>    unrelated to their specific track - Not sure how grading works with this 
>    (can someone take the final without having gone through all course 
> content, 
>    can there be different final exams for each kind of student?).  Also just 
> a 
>    little less professional than I'd like (but this isn't a deal breaker, 
>    getting grading right would make this a good solution.
> Thank you for any help! :)

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