A friendly reminder that the deadline for review comments is tomorrow, Feb
15th. Thanks.

On Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 3:45 PM, Nimisha Asthagiri <nasthag...@edx.org>

> Hello edx-code,
> *Proposal for Review*
> We would like to simplify the process for creating/maintaining Open edX
> Proposals <https://github.com/edx/open-edx-proposals>. Going forward, we
> want to lower the barrier for proposing architectural and system-wide
> decisions so we can align with edX best practices, processes, and
> architectures.
> Additionally, we are updating the process given recent changes in the org
> (i.e., the formation of an Architecture team
> <https://openedx.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/AC/pages/439353453/Architecture+Team>
> in lieu of a chief architect).
> Please refer to the PR for updating and simplifying OEP-1
> <https://github.com/edx/open-edx-proposals/pull/53>.
> *Note*
> In particular, please notice that a proposed change is that future OEPs
> would be announced on slack
> <https://github.com/edx/open-edx-proposals/pull/53/files#diff-fe2e3cd15d875e19d9059cb402bb62d6R191>
> and may not always be announced on edx-code. So folks who are interested in
> architecture proposals can be informed through a more focused channel.
> *Review Feedback*
> You may share your comments/feedback by:
>    - posting on the PR <https://github.com/edx/open-edx-proposals/pull/53>
>    .
>    - starting a thread on #architecture on slack
>    <https://openedx.slack.com/messages/C0RU5BTCP/details/>, which we
>    would eventually record in the OEP PR.
>    - contacting me or Cale <c...@edx.org> (the Arbiter of this edit),
>    with the intent of capturing a summary of the conversation on the PR.
> *Timeline*
> As specified in the PR, the target review end date is Feb 15th
> <https://github.com/edx/open-edx-proposals/pull/53/files#diff-fe2e3cd15d875e19d9059cb402bb62d6R26>.
> If needed, we will extend the deadline.
> Thanks,
> Nimisha (and Cale as "Arbiter")

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