There are two mobile apps available. One is for iPhones and one is for 
Android phones. The documentation assumes a level of understanding of iOS 
and Android development, so you may need to take a basic course on how to 
develop for each to get started. Or, you can might find a friend who will 
sit with you for a few days at a café perhaps and work through this with 

Here are the direct links to the setup guides for both apps. Good luck.

J'aime Ohm <>

On Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 10:39:50 AM UTC-8, Mr Dnyanesh wrote:
> I want to customize edx mobile app for my openedx instance . Can anyone 
> tell me how can I do that step by step. 
> As I can't afford high paid services so I wanted to do it myself. 
> Any help is welcome. 
> Thanks in advance.

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