Hello there,

So after working in the Studio Edge environment on our test course which 

fake student data, we were able to successfully download the most recent 

 for all students into a CSV format.

However, the problem with this download was that we wanted to download all 
of the

student data including multiple attempts with timestamps on specific 
problem attempts

in order to support a new advanced data analysis method our research group 
is developing.

So our next step was to examine the screenshot of the JSON file data for 
all of the attempts

of a particular student for a particular problem. The JSON file contains 
all of the data which

we need to support our data analysis method. Unfortunately, aside from 
manually copying and pasting

the displayed JSON file data for each student's responses to a particular 
problem. we could

not figure out how to automatically download all student attempts for all 
problems and for all

students with a single download request.

Is there a way to access this data from within the studio or the procedure 
described here 
is the only way?


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