<%inherit file="accomplishment-base.html" />
<%! from django.utils.translation import ugettext as _ %>
% if user.is_authenticated() and user.id == int(accomplishment_user_id):
<%include file="_accomplishment-banner.html" />
% endif
<%include file="_accomplishment-introduction.html" />
<%include file="_accomplishment-rendering.html" />
<div class="wrapper-about">
<aside role="complementary" class="about" aria-label="About edX Certificates
<%include file="_about-edx.html" />
<%include file="_about-accomplishments.html" />
</div> Hi friends I am trying to mimic the template(mako) but i have 
knowledge on html but not with the mako templates.Can anyone tell me how i 
can make it as a valid html mako template???? 

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