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A very happy and peaceful new year to English Exchange members.

How are you celebrating new year where you are? Please tell us by sending an email to 
[EMAIL PROTECTED] - you may also email the Exchange to ask any questions you might 
have, share any useful English learning resources you've found, tell us about any 
features you'd like to see on English the international language, or simply to 
introduce youtrself and say hello.

In England new year is a time when many people make resolutions. These are things we'd 
like to achieve in the new year. This year I have three: I will try to take more 
exercise, I will work very hard for my family, and last (but certainly not least) I 
will try to write at least one newsletter a month for English Exchange.

What are your resoultions? I hope they might include making several contributions to 
English Exchange.

I would also like to offer two hopes and a prediction for 2003. I hope for health and 
happiness for my family and myself, and for peace and love for everyone on planet 

My prediction is also something of a hope. I predict that something darmatic will 
occur which will avert the war which is looming between America and Iraq.

Please email the English Exhange at [EMAIL PROTECTED] with your resoultions, hopes 
and/or predictions.

Remember, language learning is not passive, but active. English Exchange gives you the 
chance to practise your language with others.

Look forward to hearing from you all soon.

All the best for 2003,


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