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This time I'd like to talk about the unexplained. I'd like to share with you a couple 
of strange experiences I've had.

On the day that my grandmother died I felt particularly lonely, isolated and 
depressed. We had been particularly close and she had been like a second mother to me. 

That evening, around 10pm, I was staring aimlessly out of the window, wondering where 
life would take me next. I saw a red circle of light, as might come from a 
laser-pointer, flitting around on the house opposite. It lasted only a few seconds. A 
minute or so later I saw the same thing again. 

I have no idea where the light came from. It was raining outside and I couldn't see or 
hear anyone in the street. I know it didn't come from my house. And there is nothing 
tall behind my house from which it could have come. If it came from any of the 
neighbouring houses why did the person responsible angle the light at the house 
directly opposite mine and at no other?

Even if there is a "natural" explanation for the light it would still feel like a sign 
from my grandmother that I should have seen it at just that moment as I have never 
seen such a light before or since.

A few weeks after my grandmother's passing I had to make a difficult trip that I felt 
very apprehensive about. I had a feeling that my grandmother's spirit would accompany 
me to watch over me as she had done so often in life. On the morning of my departure I 
noticed that my watch had lost about 3 hours overnight. My watch is usually very 
reliable. Was this a subtle sign from grandmother? Although the trip was far from 
pleasant I did survive it and return safely home.

My second story concerns a message I received at my local spiritualist church.

In April 1999 while on a visit home after working overseas for just over a year I 
decided to attend my local spiritualist church on the Kent coast. I'd been to the 
church around twenty or so times previously and one of the regulars recognised me and 
we chatted for a while. The service proceeded just as I remembered then near the end 
of the clairvoyance bit the medium came to me and this is what she said as best I can 
remember it. 

She said spirit were waiting to grab me to use me for their work and told me to make 
time to study spiritual things but that I also had a material life to lead. She told 
me things were going well for me at that moment (that was true) and she said her guide 
mentioned a "good woman". She asked if I was married. In fact I had recently married 
(2 months before). 

The medium also mentioned a baby girl (because she saw pink ribbons) first of all she 
said maybe not this year, but then I told her my wife and I were expecting a baby in 
September. Five months later my wife gave birth to a lovely baby girl. She also said 
she saw someone folding origami, I was living and working in Japan and my wife is 

In all the previous times I'd been to that church I'd had messages on about 40% of my 
visits but none have been as accurate as that. 

Well, those experiences certainly made me think.

If you'd like to read more strange experiences from other people, please visit my 
website at http://www.twinisles.com/oworlds/ Go to "The Paranormal" and select 
"Strange Experiences".

If you've ever had any starneg experiences please share them with the list by 
e-mailing [EMAIL PROTECTED] or if you prefer you can e-mail me confidentially at 

I'd really love to hear your strange but true stories.

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