Hello everyone,


I just subscribed to the mailing list last week with the hope that
i could find a few pen friends to exchange emails in English with.
My name is Hung and i'm currently working as a software engineer
at a small software firm in Saigon, Vietnam. By the way, if there
is anyone on this mailing list livinng in Australia then i would
love to hear from you as i plan to do a postgraduate study in
Australia this July.

>> I'd really love to hear your strange but true stories.

those unexplained stories always intrigue me and it makes me wonder
if there exists another world, which is different from the one we
are currently living in. Ok, I've got a strange story, which happened
to me a year ago and think i came up with a *reasonable* explaination
for it. I knew this girl on the internet and she and i were kind of
cyber friends. After talking to her for a few months, i noticed that
i always felt very sleepy at certain times of a day. At first i thought
i was just tired after long days at work but it also happened on weekend
and sometimes it even happened after i just woke up. Being an intuitive
person, i knew for sure this had something to do with her. Thus, i decided
to tell her what i thought and asked her if she want to take part in a
little experiment with me. She agreed and i found out that everytime one
of us thinks about the other person, they will automatically feel sleepy. 
She laughed at me when i told her that she and i had some kind of unsolved
business in our previous life and that's why she and i were connected on
a different level. Obviously, she thought i was trying to woo her, which
was not true *grin*.

Ok i guess that's enough for the first mail. I hope to hear from you soon.




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