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I hope you've all been enjoying summer (if it's been summer where you are). This time 
I'd like to talk about dilemmas. A dilemma is a situation in which it's difficult to 
know what to do for the best.

What would YOU do in the following dilemmas?

1. You're a little short of money. You've had to pay a lot of bills and there's still 
another two weeks to pay day. You're walking through the park when you see a wallet 
lying on the ground. Inside is a lot of money. Enough to solve your problems until pay 
day. But then you notice a name and address. What would you do?

2. You discover that your best friend's husband/wife is having an affair. You have 
known your best friend since your school days. Would you tell your friend about their 

3. Your doctor discovers you have a serious illness. Without treatment you can live a 
normal life for another five years, then you will get weaker and weaker and eventually 
die. If you have an operation there is a 50% chance you will be completely cured, but 
a 50% chance you will die. What would you do? How about if the person with the illness 
was not you, but your child?

Can you think of any more dilemmas? Please post them on the English Exchange so others 
can say what THEY would do.

Best wishes,


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