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Hi Aida,

Nice to hear you!
How are you doing?

A few days ago I went to a spainish restaurant. It was wonderful, so I enjoyed very 
Have you ever eaten Japanese dishes?
If you haven't, you have to try it.
If you've already done at somewhere else Japan, you have to come to here and try to 
eat again! 

Well I had stayed at Ireland from March to June and gone to an English language 
school. I met a Spanish girl there and she would like to belong to a kind of hotel 
management. She is very clever and she always said she wanted to go back her country 
and need more suns!
Do you know the weather in Ireland changes soooooo often.
It's never steadied!!!
So I wrote an article for the school magagine like this below;


The Irish sky looks capricious like a woman's heart. It has a lot of faces, so when I 
am bored in the class (sorry teacher..), I am idly looking out of the window. It is 
always changing and expresses a variety of feelings from joy to sorrow, dark to light 
and passionate to peaceful. People tune themselves to the weather is, they would never 
wash their clothes, go anywhere and do anything. They are equal to each weathewrb so 
they have great and wide capacity and resources like a woman's heart!

Do you like it?

Bye for now.


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