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The Internet is a great way to learn and practice English. However, for many 
people, going to an English school can still be a valuable part of improving 
their skills. Our new article "Choosing an English School" gives valuable free 
advice on finding the right school for YOU. See "Choosing an English School" at

The fastest and best way to improve your English is to spend some time studying 
in an English speaking country. If you think you might be interested in 
studying English overseas, see our Studying English Abroad guide at

The Web offers many great resources for learners and teachers of English as a 
second or foreign language. In our Web resources section we've tried to list 
some of the best sites available. We've grouped them into sites for learners, 
sites for teachers and those offering quality reading material. These sites 
have been chosen for quality rather than quantity, so we hope you'll find them 
useful. See Web resources at

If you think we've missed a site that should be included in Web resources, 
please let us know, either through English Exchange or directly at [EMAIL 

Best wishes for Christmas and the new year,


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