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> El día Thursday, April 03, 2008 a las 10:52:22AM +1100, Craig Southeren
> escribió:
> > Matthias Schneider wrote:
> >
> > ..deleted
> >
> > > Emilio,
> > >
> > > sorry, thats all I know about H.264 and H.323 and I do not have any
> resources to
> > > deal with it any further. If you are really interested you can dig into
> this for
> > > yourself and contact Simone Horne (howerver only for questions about OPAL
> and
> > > not about Ekiga), there should be posts by him on the OPAL mailing list.
> > >
> > > However I would like to help you on the video issue, so I would welcome
> > > additional info there (preview working?, logo working with 500, etc.)
> Matthias,
> I will continue tomorrow with the tests about that video issue in calls
> to <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> and let you know;
> >
> > Not sure Simon would be interested in OPAL, as he is the creator of the
> > h323plus, which is based on OpenH323.
> >
> > But I would be happy to help you with any questions :)
> Craig,
> For me (in my work) it would be nice to get this H.264 working in H.323
> because our central VideoConf system does not understand H.261 (bug in
> firmware); that's why I have enabled that define H323_H264_TEST in
> opal/plugins/video/H.264/h264-x264.h, recompiled all stuff including
> ekiga itself, but now it complains about the child proc terminating for
> h264-x264 and dumps core:
> $ ekiga -d 3 --sync
>         dyna.cxx(98)  H263+   DYNA    Successfully loaded libavcodec.so
>         dyna.cxx(326) H263+   DYNA    Successfully loaded libavcodec library 
> and
> verified functions
>    h263-1998.cxx(907) H263+   Codec   Enabled
>         dyna.cxx(98)  MPEG4   DYNA    Successfully loaded libavcodec.so
>         dyna.cxx(326) MPEG4   DYNA    Successfully loaded libavcodec library 
> and
> verified functions
>        mpeg4.cxx(2028)        MPEG4   Codec   Enabled
>         dyna.cxx(98)  H264    DYNA    Successfully loaded libavcodec.so
>         dyna.cxx(326) H264    DYNA    Successfully loaded libavcodec library 
> and
> verified functions
> h264pipe_unix.cxx(295)        H264    IPC     PP: Found GPL process 
> executable in
> /usr/local/lib/ptlib/codecs/video/h264_video_pwplugin_helper
> x264loader_unix.cxx(125)      H264    DYNA    Successfully loaded libx264.so
> x264loader_unix.cxx(101)      H264    DYNA    Loader was compiled with x264 
> build 56
> present
> x264loader_unix.cxx(104)      H264    DYNA    Successfully loaded libx264 
> library and
> verified functions
> h264pipe_unix.cxx(122)        H264    IPC     PP: Successfully forked child 
> process 19248
> and established communication
>    h264-x264.cxx(775) H264    Codec   Enabled
> h264helper_unix.cxx(68)       H264    IPC     CP: Terminating
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)
> if you have an idea where to look, your helping hand is welcome;
> Damien,
> I'm attaching some smaller changes for OPAL dealing with places where to
> pick up objects in FreeBSD;
>       Emilio
> --
> Matthias Apitz
Hello Emilio,
I do not concur with all parts of your patch:
- why do you change P_DEFAULT_PLUGIN_DIR? Its not used anyways and should be
removed -> I will do so
- why do you not want to do the check for /usr/lib on freeBSD? This is usual
procedure for libraries as well. In case it is not found it will be looked for
in /usr/local/lib. What I can propose is to set the trace level to DEBUG, not
ERROR for the dir names that are being searched.
- You added an if in case a filename with length = 0 should be openend. This
makes sense if x264 was not detected at compile time. I will add this.


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