El día Thursday, April 03, 2008 a las 11:45:08AM +0200, Matthias Schneider 

> Hello Emilio,
> I do not concur with all parts of your patch:
> - why do you change P_DEFAULT_PLUGIN_DIR? Its not used anyways and should be
> removed -> I will do so

fine with me too;

> - why do you not want to do the check for /usr/lib on freeBSD? This is usual
> procedure for libraries as well. In case it is not found it will be looked for
> in /usr/local/lib. What I can propose is to set the trace level to DEBUG, not
> ERROR for the dir names that are being searched.

no add-onn software (like OPAL, Ekiga) install in FreeBSD stuff below
/usr/lib, only below /usr/local; this is the common rule in FreeBSD;

> - You added an if in case a filename with length = 0 should be openend. This
> makes sense if x264 was not detected at compile time. I will add this.


Matthias Apitz
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