On 14/04/14 15:16, John Smith wrote:

I am getting an error [1] building opal.


John Smith


h263-1998.cxx:97:58: note: candidates are:
In file included from h263-1998.cxx:58:0:
../common/dyna.h:88:7: note: FFMPEGLibrary::FFMPEGLibrary()
  class FFMPEGLibrary
../common/dyna.h:88:7: note:   candidate expects 0 arguments, 1 provided
../common/dyna.h:88:7: note: FFMPEGLibrary::FFMPEGLibrary(const FFMPEGLibrary&)
../common/dyna.h:88:7: note:   no known conversion for argument 1 from
âAVCodecIDâ to âconst FFMPEGLibrary&â
h263-1998.cxx:206:37: error: âbool H263_Base_EncoderContext::Initâ is
not a static member of âclass H263_Base_EncoderContextâ
  bool H263_Base_EncoderContext::Init(CodecID codecId)
h263-1998.cxx:206:37: error: âCodecIDâ was not declared in this scope
h263-1998.cxx:207:1: error: expected â,â or â;â before â{â token

Do you use libav or ffmpeg?  Which version?

Do you need H263 and H264 video codecs or not?  If not, it is simpler.

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