On 25/04/14 08:19, Julien Puydt wrote:

Le 25/04/2014 00:46, Craig Southeren a écrit :
BTW: Robert added full gstreamer support for video and audio to Opal
some time ago.

This has been deployed and is in use by customers on embedded and
desktop platforms.

It's in ptlib and not opal as far as I know, and I'm not convinced it is
that full: I need to do quite fancy things with complex pipelines...


I see the following files/directories:

opal-v14/samples/gstreamer/  <-- example of how to use it

I think it would be good for us to see what is the support precisely and make it work in ekiga. Afterwards, enhance it if we need, in ptlib if possible, elsewhere in ekiga.

Anyway, for the moment ekiga uses an old ptlib/opal, perhaps I will succeed next week to make it work with v14 branches. This would allow to test ptlib's gstreamer code in ekiga.

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