On 29/04/15 11:04, Peter Robinson wrote:
Hi All,

I thought I'd try to build the latest ekiga dev on Fedora 22 to see
how it looks (and add a copr build [1] for other interested people)
but I was stumped at the first hurdle.

It seems between ptlib 2.10.x and 2.14.x the build system was changed
around quite a lot and has issues on regular distro style packaging
where things like install directory are specified and don't work any
more. They also use things like old config.guess/config.sub dating
back to 2003 so most new architectures are missing too. I didn't have
much time to spend but overall it seems like some regressions in the
newer ptlib/opal side of things so I thought I'd just give people a
heads up.

I updated config.guess and config.sub, as shown at http://sourceforge.net/p/opalvoip/code/log/

Could you use the HEAD for your tests instead of last release? You can use the same commands to build it, only the source code is different.

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