Le 16/10/2015 18:36, Eugen Dedu a écrit :
Thanks, Julien, if you could implement the chat, right now it is the
only important regression I think (compared to v4).

In which chat was pretty bad...

First of all, I think it is essential to implement ONLY ONE METHOD,
completely and bug-free, so that it becomes usable by all users.  It
should especially be avoided to implement several protocols and none of
them working.  Better to have one protocol working in 2 months than all
of them working only in several years by now.  In my opinion, 200-400
lines dealing with chat backend can be later updated to another
protocol, if really needed.

The goal isn't to implement all protocols -- it's to build things cleanly enough so it doesn't become a headache later.

Second point, currently we do not have enough man-power to implement all
the open chat protocols you mentioned.  I wonder if we will ever have,
knowing that there are other things in Ekiga which are more important in
my opinion (secure videoconferencing, Ekiga.net, multi-user conference,
echo cancelling etc. etc.)  Again, let's work on only one of them so
that a person can send a message to another one (one to one, not one to
many), in particular to the one he is doing videoconference with.

Yes, one implementation, but the framework must be sound and not get in the way of a second.

Third, as far as I understand, SIP MESSAGE, or better MSRP if possible
in a reasonable time, is the most appropriate chat protocol in our case.
  Ekiga's main mission is videoconferencing, not supporting all chat
protocols, for which there are other programs, much more advanced than


Finally, would you mind to contact us when you will work on GUI for
chat?  For example, should text chat be in the same window as the video,
or on its own?  I do not yet have an idea...

Well, GUI isn't my strong point, but I think having the text in a window and the fact of the other person in another is pretty inconvenient, so there should be a way to put both side-to-side.

As a side note, see also
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=651837:  "The correct way to
receive Instant Messages is via the new OpalIMContext class. This will
allow for future non-SIP IM to be used. For example, there are a lot of
Jabber (XMPP) classes already in PTLib, one day in the not too distant
future, I hope, we will bolt that into the OPAL system and there will be
OpalPresentity and OpalIMContext derived concrete classes so the user
application will barely change at all."

That's a good thing to have in mind for the one implementation, thanks for the reminder. And it can help to see how things are organised there. I'm also having a look at pidgin's sources.

Happy hacking,

Well, I'm still on the thinking side of things : writing comes later.

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