I follow the discussion with great interst. I use Skype and VoIPBuster a lot, 
because the children and family of my wife live in the States, Australia and 
China. However, until now I am not able to get Ekiga working. The webcam is not 
working, and I found out that I have to pay for the calls using Ekiga. (home 

Question: I am a real newbee, any reamrks concerning the items I wrote above. 
Please comment.

HAns Minekus

There are a lot of VoIP programs out there these days. I decided to follow 
because I support the open software concept. Ekiga has thus far been offered 
to the world as a very generous gift. Of the programs I have tested, Ekiga is 
proving to offer the best sound quality, but many people are having problems 
getting it to work reliably. I have been trying Ekiga 2.0.11 that comes with 
distro of Gnome under Linux Slackware 12.0 and kernel 2.6.21. I have not yet 
complete success yet with this OS or FreeBSD 7.0. I also failed to get it to 
under Windows, but this might only be because of some mis-understandings. I 
think you need to install GTK+ to get it to work in Windows, but following the 
chage-logs, I got idea Ekiga should not depend on GTK because there were 
some comments about removing the error message about requiring GTK. What 
OS are you using?


There is no error, I actually have gotten very good sound quality with a 56K 
modem. Ekiga is crashing for now and I am trying to solve this. However, 
I can say with great certainty the sound quality has been very good when Ekiga 
does not crash. Interesting point that Skype was originally described as 
well with no more than a modem connection. I have never once experienced 
that. It seems Ekiga has some efficiency that ends up benefiting the end user 
in terms of efficiency and sound quality, which is why I want to see this go.


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