> >         proving to offer the best sound quality, but many people are
> >         having problems 
> >         getting it to work reliably. I have been trying Ekiga 2.0.11
> >         that 
> We rarely get crash reports... My advice might be biased, but Ekiga has
> always had a good reputation of stability and reliability.
> -- 
>  _     Damien Sandras

I think this is because you have been re-directing bug reports to other 
software like alsa-lib, which I reported. However, alsa-lib is pretty much 
standard on all Linux distros. So if Ekiga is crashing because of a 
conflict with alsa-lib, regardless of where the fault lies, Ekiga won't 
work reliably under Linux without some kind of changes. I have yet 
to see Ekiga work with Linux (default Slackware 12.0 install + Gnome) 
or FreeBSD 7.0, although a friend finally did get it to work under Windows. 
I know of one report of someone getting Ekiga to work under Ubuntu, 
and I am thinking to give that a try, although I do not yet understand why 
the distribution would make a difference, assuming they are all using 
ALSA. There are plenty of people around here who have tried and failed, 
so it is clear there are problems. I guess I could ask around for specifics 
from others. I already reported the alsa-lib problem. I certainly do not want 
to detract in any way from your hard work. Ekiga looks like great 


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