> > Also I have changed gconf-editor to listen on port 5066, but it
> > seems to be being ignored. The net result is that ekiga registers,
> > but only the first time, subsequent reregisters fail
> Have you restarted ekiga?
Yes I have. I have tested it a few times now.
I can get 1 call out but then no other calls work.
I am assuming that gconf is still being used by ekiga.

> > I then go into edit accounts and untick the box, when I retick it
> > ekiga crashes.
> This is probably
> Now, it does not crashes, it just does not register, so it is
> partially fixed.
Had a look at the  bug and I am left with the impression that
registration is still a problem.
As I said in my case the first registration works but all subsequent
ones fail.
So am I right in saying that ekiga still uses the data from gconf

> > I know 3.2.6 is out but I have not found a version for suse yet.
> > 
> > So would you like me to do something about the crash, is it a known
> > problem or should I just try and get 3.2.6
> > 
Ok, I  took a punt and downloaded the latest version.
As per usual I am having all sorts of problems trying to do the
Will let   you know how I go.

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