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I'm currently struggling using ekiga as a mobile SIP Client against asterisk
sip server. (Ubuntu GNOME 14.04 - Ekiga 4.0.1-4)
Following Settings are used:

user: Test User
registrar: asterisk.domain.com
username: testuser
digest username: testuser
password: ********

outbound proxy:  asterisk.domain.com

Aim: I want to call 1234 on the asterisk the account is configured to.

If I enter 'sip:1...@asterisk.domain.com' in the dial view the call is placed

But that is very complicated. I can't tell any user, if he wants to place a
call he has to prepend 'sip:' and append '@asterisk.domain.com'.

So I try to place a call to '1234'. And that fails. The call is send to the
outbound proxy, but with a completely wrong sip identity.
testuser@localpc instead of testuser_mob...@asterisk.domain.com./
testuser is the local user account.


We know this issue. We have to think at what 1234 means in the general case, and we have to do the patch, but unfortunately we are too busy...

Ekiga has address completion, if you type 1234, it will show a popup with the host part appended, and you can just choose it, right? So it is not too complicated, right?

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