On 19/11/16 15:38, mark wrote:
Thanks, Eugen.
The readme says "This codec is only available under Windows, although theoretically 
is would be possible to load the appropriate DLLs under Linux using one of the emulation 
packages available."
It looks like for Linux this may not be a great choice unless I am 

I am sorry, I do not know.  You can ask on opal voip mailing list.

Linphone has a package bcg729 which works OK for them. Maybe you can consider 
an option to link this in, perhaps for 5.1?

Anyway, we are not in good shape for next release of ekiga. All the developers are too busy, in my opinion we need external help to do the next release.


Thanks much,Mark

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On 19/11/16 15:00, mark wrote:
Is it possible to add g729 support? If so, how?

Support for g729 exists, but it is not enabled it seems.  See

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